Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tasha Paige

So I'm pretty impressed that I have stuck with this blog for 2 whole days now :) these things I start always seem to slip my mind and fall off the map.  Lets hope I keep the motivation alive a little longer.  I just realized that I need to invite people to read my blog... I guess that makes sense.  I mean I doubt anyone is going to randomly stumble across this and have any interest in it (if you did than great! keep reading if you want). Otherwise, hello to my family and friends that I have guilted into reading about my life :)  I'll try to keep it interesting.  

I wish my second post had a happier tone, but there is only one thing that I really feel like I should write about right now.  Tonight my little dog Tasha passed away after 11 great years.  I'm still in the shock stage... but I'm sure the sadness will come.  She has been pretty sick for a while and she died on here own so we didn't have the difficult task of taking her into the vet to be put to sleep.  But I've literally grown up with her for over half of my life and it's hard to imagine home without her.  I was planning to go home this weekend to see her for most likely the last time... but this weekend is just a little to late.  I regret not being home tonight with her.  It definitely makes me miss my family and will have to take a little vacation home soon to reenergize.  As I was talking to my family about her it reminded me of some funny stories with her.  I'll always remember all her little quirks and will miss waking up to her sleeping on my feet at home :)

Coincidentally, I was looking through one of my old song books earlier today and was playing a really old song I wrote back in high school.  It had a whole different meaning when I wrote it... but as it turns out one verse fits well as a goodbye message to my loyal pup Tasha.... I'll end with that

What You Meant
How can it be that 
Time went so quickly
Seems I just met you 
And now you're gone
You left something 
That will never fade 
Our memories will 
Always live on
But I don't know how to say goodbye

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