Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Oscar goes to the Auto-Tune Montage

Ah what a crazy week its been.  I haven't had much time to post anything because its the dreaded midterms week here at Creighton.  Somehow I've managed to make my last semester here my busiest yet.  So much for those lazy afternoons doing nothing! Anyway, I took some time out of my rigorous study schedule (not really) to watch the Oscars.  As an entertainment junkie, I love award shows but usually am disappointed when they never live up to expectations.... unless its the 2009 VMA's with an MJ tribute, a Lady Gaga performance, and Kanye vs. Taylor.  The show wasn't bad, but I had a few issues with it...

1. When you are pushing hard for a younger audience and hiring people like Anne Hathaway and the always sexy/ always high James Franco to host you should probably  consider giving more awards to movies that a younger demographic has actually seen.  The King's Speech is good period piece, but what about game changing, revolutionary movies like Black Swan or Inception.  How about a culturally profound and relevant choice like The Social Network?  "No thanks" says the Academy.... "We'll stick with the stammering King."

2. More autotune please.  Seriously the autotuned montage was one of the most entertaining parts.  I think they should have considered autotuning Kirk Douglas' speech as well.... or maybe it already was autotuned.


3.  Back to the hosts... I love Anne and James.... really I do but they were pretty boring.  Especially James who seemed to be on another planet the whole time, but really what did we expect from him? Have you seen Pineapple Express, or any interview he's ever done? I'm surprised he was able to sit still long enough to actually film 127hrs.

4. The acceptance speeches.  If you were nominated there is a chance you will win, and you know that.  It's great to act humble and surprised but don't act dumb.  You should have prepared at least something for the millions of people watching... its embarrassing for you and a waste of time for me if you are going to just stand there looking dumbfounded at the shiny little statue you're holding and then say "I can't believe it." You. are. a. movie. star. this is not a shock to the rest of the world, where have you been?

Okay enough about the bad things. There were a few things I was pretty happy about.  For one the Bob Hope moment was clever and touching.  I also was happy with many of the award winners.  It was great to see Natalie Portman win Best Actress for Black Swan, which I think was well deserved.  I also was glad to see Christian Bale get some love.  Inception (my pick for movie of the year) didn't get shut out completely thanks to visual effects and sound categories (and a clever intro to the show).


Overall.... not the best year (Especially if you're True Grit which had 10 noms and won a whopping 0... I mean even Wolfman won an award!).  But, on the bright side we may have some contenders for next year's hosts.  I thought Sandra Bullock and Robert Downey Jr. were awesome presenters and would make awesome hosts.... but hey I'm just a 21 year old kid, why would the academy ever take my opinion into consideration?

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