Monday, February 21, 2011

Hufflepuff Know Whats Up. Put Yo Put Yo Hands Up.

Some people are addicted to Facebook, or Twitter, or checking their email..... I'm addicted to YouTube (oh and all those other things too).  I feel it's my responsibility to find hidden gems among all the cyber crap and then force family and friends to watch these amazing videos and laugh even when they aren't funny.  Also,  I just get really bored in my product operation management class.  Monday night from 6-9 has become my most productive time of the week.  I get blogs written, homework done, and catch up on a lot of emails.  On the downside I'm probably failing the class I'm tyring so hard to block out.  But that's not really important.... So the point is, I've compiled some of my favorites below... I've done my job, and brought them to your attention.  Watch them, or not, but seriously... the balls in your court.

 Like a G6 Harry Potter style
It may come as no surprise that I'm starting this off with a HP musical parody. Half of these videos will probably involve either A music B a parody of something or most likely C both.   This little shin dig was originally sent to me by my sister and every time I hear it it makes me smile." Butterbeer's flowin cus we got all this money in Gringotts. Ah yeah!"

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On-
I first saw this video during a sorority chapter meeting. Its so dang awkward/pathetic/ridiculous that its really funny.  If you like this check out Charlie the Cheez-It


Best News Bloopers Ever-
this is a longtime favorite of mine.  Partially due to the fact that I first saw it on one of the best nights of my life Rockin Shoppin Eve 2007.  So many great clips in here.  The woman falling off the podium, the violent crime tantrum, and the nice pussy lady.  It's always funny to see people on tv embarrass themselves in epic ways.  It makes us feel better about ourselves, which is all that really matters, right?

Literal Harry Potter
Another HP favorite.  Courtesy of my sister Emily as well.  Amazing that someone who never read a Harry Potter book (unless you count the last chapter of each book... yeah she's that person) has been the source of so many great HP parodies.  This one is seriously hilarious for anyone, whether you've seen HP or not. 

 If you like these Harry Potter parodies check out Dear Reader (this is my fav. chapter  This guy narrates the entire first movie in the most ridiculous sarcastic way possible.  I have the full audio file if you are interested  :) yes I've watched the entire movie with just his voice.... and you can too!

The One and Only Charliece Show.
This list wouldn't be complete without a personal plug for my own little YouTube video.  The Charliece show was created by me and my sister Kelsey.  This is the second episode of about 5 or so.  Honestly we have many funnier videos but Emily and Kelsey are embarrassed of our Lady Gaga remakes and I am banned from posting them.  Sorry. you're missing out. The outfits were epic. This will have to suffice. 

Beiber Fever Parody

The Key of Awesome ( some of the greatest music parodies of all time.  It was hard to choose just one, but Bieber does the trick. I  tried to find one of Esperanza Spalding (i don't even care if that's spelled right)  but for some reason I couldn't..... oh wait you probably don't know who that is.  Well she won the Grammy for Best New Artist.... yeah what a travesty. Don't worry,you won't catch Beiber Fever unless you're a single mom or substitute teacher.

John Mayer- I think that she knows interlude
Favorite song of my life? Possibly.  This is the back end of Justin Timberlake's Lovestoned song.  I thought it couldn't get better.... until John Mayer threw down this amazing guitar piece to it.  My guitar dream is to someday have a Collings I-35 guitar and be able to play this.  So great. 

There ya have it. I'm sure I'll be back with more videos soon.  I'm sure you'll be bookmarking this site, and waiting on the edge of your seat. Great things come to those who wait.


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