Sunday, April 24, 2011

Made To Soar

Thought i'd share a little something I was inspired to write recently.  Maybe I'll put up the full song with the guitar tab once my dislocated wrist heals! :)  

A thousand feet above the ground
Afraid to move or make a sound
Curiosity pulls me to the edge
Before I can hesistate I see myself let go
And I...
I’ve never felt such fear, never seen so clear
I’ve waited all my life to live like this

We were made to live in wonder to stand in awe
To laugh till we cry and live till we die
To lose ourselves in a song, to do some things wrong
We were made to soar
But you’ll never fly if you’re too afraid to fall

Why do we stay inside the lines?
Spread the color and the whole world shines
So go against the tide
When the world says no, but your heart screams go
And I...
I’ve never felt such fear, never seen so clear
I’ve waited all my life to live like this

We were made to live in wonder to stand in awe
To laugh till we cry and live till we die
To lose ourselves in a song, to do some things wrong
We were made to soar
But you’ll never fly if you’re too afraid to fall

Step into the darkness and trust you'll find light
But know there will be battles you'll have to fight
There may be fear, there maybe pain
Through these comes hope of a happier day
The darkest hour is just before dawn
So keep the faith, keep pressing on

We were made to live in wonder to stand in awe
To laugh till we cry and live till we die
To lose ourselves in a song, to do some things wrong
We were made to soar
We were made to soar
We were made to soar
Take that leap and learn to fly 

Monday, April 11, 2011

If You Like This...

Another Monday... another night class.  And yet again I find myself paying absolutely no attention.  But really it's not my fault.  How do you keep a senior focused on school a month from graduation? It's impossible.  So since I have 3 hours to kill I thought I'd get another blog entry in.  I've been stuck in the 90's for the past couple weeks (as you probably noticed by the last 2 posts), but I've gotten out of that phase for you sake today.

As I've mentioned before.... I feel a responsibility to bring awesome new things to people's attention even if they don't find the same things very awesome at all.  So I tried to make some comparisons to help you along the way....without further ado i give you "If you like this.... you HAVE TO try that." 

If you like...TV

then you HAVE TO try... TIVO

Any TV fan has to have a Tivo/DVR in this day and age.  I mean who actually has time to watch shows at 7 or 8 at night anymore? I highly suggest investing in this magical device for only about 15 bucks a month.  You get way more channels (especially high def ones) including movie channels like HBO.  The only downside isthat you'll become significantly less productive in every other aspect of life.... especially when that Harry Potter marathon is on.

If you like... The Office

then you HAVE TO try... Community 

Sticking with the TV theme... Community is a show that hasn't taken off quite like Office did, but is every bit as hilarious.  Both shows are on NBC's current Thursday night lineup.  Community is kind of the community college version of the Office.  It's about quirky, unusual study group and the rediculous things they get into at Glendale Community College.  Noteable characters - Joel McHale from The Soup and the ever-classy Chevy Chase.  Now that you have a DVR just get a season pass and you're set!

If you like... Modern Family

then you HAVE TO try...Parenthood

Okay I'm 100% in love with these two shows. Both are about modern day families living unrealistically close to each other sharing all the joys and disappointments of everyday life.  While Modern Family is a based more as a comedy than Parenthood, sometimes the overwhelming realism of Parenthood will make you laugh just as hard as you realise "Oh my god, this is my family."  Both shows are full of hilarious, tear-jerking, and sometimes insanely awkward moments.... and you shouldn't be missing out.

If you like... Nicholas Sparks

then you HAVE TO try... Ian McEwan

Nicholas Sparks fans... meet Ian McEwan. Can't get enough of the Notebook? Try reading McEwan's Atonement or Amsterdam. Both are wildly interesting and filled with drama and action.  Atonement was also recently made into a movie starring James McAvoy, Keira Knightley who i also love. So if you are interested but too lazy.... you can just go rent the movie. 

If you like... Rihanna

then you HAVE TO try... Jessie J

Okay so this is my new favorite artist, thanks to the BackBeats cover. She reminds me of Rihanna a little bit.  (Coincidently she also announced at a concert that she has a crush on Rihanna.... whatever, idk)  More importantly, Jessie J hails from England and she's starting to make waves here in the US as well.  She just released her debut album "Who You Are".  You may have heard her with BoB in "Price Tag" which has been a huge single here in the US.... but two of her best songs (in my opinion) can be found below.... neither of these are the official versions, but I actually like the live performance videos better. They show how talented she really is...not to mention versatile.  Check it out....


If you like... Guitar, even just a little bit 


then you HAVE TO try... Kaki King

I don't care who you are.... this is cool.  This girl is definitely weird, but I love her music.  If you like this video... which is pretty much a series of crazy fingerstyle fret tapping which is kind of amazing.... check out her other stuff though... you might like it even better.

If you like... Ice Cream 

then you HAVE TO try... Fro Yo

Ever since I had PeachWave frozen yogurt last year i have been in love.  I don't know anyone who's tried and doesn't like fro-yo (the cool kids term for frozen yogurt).  Seriously next time you want some ice cream hit up the closest TCBY, Pinkberry, Lemon Tree, or whatever and get some of this stuff.  It's taking the country by storm, i swear.  You can kind them anywhere these days. The best are the self serve places where you only pay by weight at the end.  Just like ice cream, fro-yo comes in tons of flavors... so if you're feeling chocolate peanut butter.... go for it.  Or maybe you want strawberry cheescake? it doesn't matter :) you can have either... or both!

 Well that's about it.... you're welcome :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Good Old Days

I had such a good time reminiscing on all the great toys of the 90's that I just had to keep living in the past and look into the TV shows.

So remember when Nickelodeon and Disney had the greatest shows ever.... before they sold out and started making crap like Hannah Montana?  Well I do.  The best part about these 90's and early 2000 shows is probably the theme songs.... so I did a little looking and found these. Feel free to sing along... I did. 

Sister Sister - Ah Tia and Tamara Mowry how you made me wish I had a twin.... or that I was black! Great show :)


Doug- though I would have preferred if the show was called Patty Mayonnaise because honestly that's the greatest name I've ever heard.  

Hey Arnold - and the best episode "Stoop Kid"

RocketPower - We are riders on a mission.... probably my favorite theme song.

Are You Afraid of the Dark and Goosebumps - How great were these shows?! I remember the rating was Y-7 and I told my sisters they weren't allowed to watch it unless I was with them because I was 7 and old enough to supervise.  

Legends of the Hidden Temple - I think every child dreamed of being on this show and was frustrated by the constant lack of physical ability and intelligence of the kids they actually chose to be on the show.  I mean really... how hard is it to stack the 3 piece totem pole?

All That / The Amanda Show - The children's SNL... This was one of my favorite segments- Ask Ashley. 

Even Stevens - Remember when these two weren't hot? Yeah me too.... unfortunately for Beans puberty didn't really help all that much.

Recess - Favorite after school show by far!

Lloyd In Space - Made me want to live in outer space so bad!

Lizzie McGuire - But lets be honest the show should have been called Gordo.... he was the real star.

In addition to the tv shows I loved, I couldn't leave out a list of the best movies Nickolodeon and Disney cranked out... 

Johnny Tsunami

Zenon - Can we all agree that Protazoa was a musical genius? 

Smart House

Luck of the Irish 

Brink - During the rollerblade craze of our childhood this little number came out and made us all think we could be pro skaters... besides how could you not love this face?