Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Post!

Hello everyone! I'm pretty excited about this whole blog business.  I've done it before, but this is the first time I'm really doing it just because I want to, and not for a class, work, etc.  Basically I'm wanting to put into words everything that's going on in my life these days.  I'm in my last semester of college and transitioning into the real world, and I want to "document" the whole process.  I also want to share with you all (whether you stumbled upon this randomly or found it intentionally) all the happenings in the life of Laura these days.  But I'll be honest, the main motive for creating this blog is a selfish one.  I think writing down my thoughts and experiences will be therapeutic in a way, and a great way to save all the great memories I'm making.

So.... today is my 21st birthday! It's crazy to think I'm getting so old.  I mean, I know 21 isn't that old, but it one of the last really significant birthdays.  I feel like being 21 means I need to start acting like more of an adult.  In just 4 months I'll be in the "real world" hopefully making money (and unfortunately paying bills). My family came to visit me in Omaha today.  It was great to see my parents and younger sisters.  It's tough seeing them for just a few hours though.  It always makes me a little homesick when they leave.  My sisters are legitimately my best friends.... we get so ridiculously silly when we're together.  I'll have to post some of our crazy youtube videos on here sometime.  After my family left, I had a great dinner with all my girl friends at Roja down in the Old Market.  It was great to get everyone together to celebrate.

My birthday dinner with the girls!

My sisters and I!!! 

While the weekend has been so much fun, I am feeling the pressure of schoolwork right now.  With 18 hours and an internship at Peak Performance Running Specialty Store.... I'm having trouble finding time for work and play time!  Thankfully this is my last semester of school! I will miss my friends but I'm exciting about getting a real job.  Hopefully I'll be back out in Oregon working for Nike come summertime.  My summer internship at world headquarters in Beaverton went really well, and the job prospects look good as of now.  A lot of my time this semester will be spent trying to land my dream job there.  Here is actually a link to my summer blog all about my work at Nike

Well... that looks pretty good for my first entry.  I'll try to update this every couple days with news about my life.... but mostly just fun, silly things that I want to talk about.  Okay, until next time.... peace out kids.

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