Saturday, February 5, 2011

So You Think You Know Music...

Hello Hello!  I have survived the snowpocalypse in Omaha this week and I'm back to write some more.  So I have actually restrained myself from this topic since I started my blog last week.  This will come as no surprise to those who know me, but I get really passionate about things I like, sometimes to a fault.  It can be anything from movies, books, music, people, hobbies, brands etc.  Anyway, the point is I get really attached to things and end up spending most of my time focusing on these things and not my homework, which I have all but quit in my last semester.  So.... the most recent love of my life is a cappella music, thanks in part to the Sing Off on NBC.  I've always been a music junkie, but I'm a full-fledged addict to a cappella music now.  I literally can't walk or drive anywhere without it blasting on my speakers.  For those of you familiar with the show this whole thing began with the Back Beats and their rendition of Landslide... which was amazing.  Unfortunately, they didn't win the competition, but the good news is that I began an in depth search on line for them and my other favorite group, U of Oregon's On The Rocks (sure I may have been a little biased because they were from Oregon, but seriously they rock).  Come to find out, OTR just came out with a new CD, "A Fifth",  and my favsie BackBeat, CJ, was on the show last year with BYU's all female group, Noteworthy (who also just released a CD "Defined").  The point is, I feel that I owe it to the cyber world to spread the word about these amazing groups.  I mean, these people are 10 times more talented than anything on the radio. It probably isn't appropriate for me to post all 100 a cappella songs I've collected on here. It also probably isn't appropriate that I've attempted to book them for our school even though I'm no longer authorized to do this as Special Events Coordinator... oh well :) So I tried to save you time and I attempted to choose just a couple. Watch them, love them, this is music America.

OTR's All The Above

Noteworthy's Happy Ending

Noteworthy's How Great Thou Art - Int. Championships of A Cappella (They got 1st obviously)

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