Tuesday, March 29, 2011

90's Toys That Rocked My World

So I'm not that old, but it seems like a lot of the things I loved when I was little aren't even around anymore! So for those of you who were also children of the 90's I've compiled a little list of things I miss from my childhood and would potentially be interested in buying/finding/ using again without shame.... can't believe we're already 11 years out from the decade of greatness:( but seriously these toys were the best ever no matter what anyone else says... hope you enjoy...

N64 - Are you serious? Of course this is #1.  I wish I still had mine because I would play it.  Best thing Nintendo ever did.  Old favorites - Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Every Tony Hawk Pro Skater Game, 1080 Snowboarding, Legend of Zelda ( not the 2nd one though... it sucked), Mario Golf, and obviously Mario Party

Sit and Spin - This was never a good idea.... but I would totally do it again right now.  

Beanie Babies  - Don't act like you didn't have these.... I had like 200 in my room. Remember when they said they were "collectibles" and they'd be worth money someday... well the massive containers collecting dust in my basement tell me that's not remotely true.

Tomagachi/ Gia Pet- these were so cool until they died like a day later.... stupid... i had like 10  of them though. 

Cabbage Patch Kids - wow this takes me way back.  I couldn't leave for daycare until I said goodbye to Charlie every morning and sat him in the window to watch me drive away. 

Easy Bake Oven - how great were these!?! until i burnt myself and was able to eat the entire cake in 2 bites.... ugh.

Light Bright - I have nothing bad to say about this amazing toy. i freakin loved this. 

Gak - how genius was Nickelodeon on this one... all these complex toys and all we really wanted to play with was this crap so our parents had to buy it :) 

Legos - omg... legos may have been the love of my life.  I had so many sets ... my favorite was the castle one where I had my own little wars and locked away prisoners! Did I mention I was a boy when I was little???

YoYo - What else do i need to say but "shoot the moon" and "walk the dog"? And you were nobody unless you had a Duncan...

Moon Shoes - at one point in my life i wanted these so bad... i never got them. Now i understand why my mom said no. 

Slip and Slide - The best "worst idea ever".  Seriously every person that's ever tried this has gotten hurt in some way.  

Trolls - WEIRD!!!!! I loved Trolls.  I once had a dream that a Troll like the one below but 7 ft. tall was trying to break into my house... ever since then they really creep me out. 

Hot Wheels  - I had so many of these little suckers.  They were so awesome!

Pez - in elementary school you were defined by your pez dispenser.... i had this one... clearly l was very popular.

Pogs - "Stack em, Slam, em, Collect em All! "one of the greatest 90's fads.  I think there was actually a game with these, but lets be honest no one really cared... its was all about the holograms baby.  

Stretch armstrong - how great was this toy?!? If you didn't have a stretch armstrong your parents must not have loved you.  

Don't wake Daddy - One of the best games ever invented.  Something about it seems kind of wrong though..... why is waking daddy seen as such a horrible thing? If you never played it.... let me know because I'm thinking about buying a new one.  

Guess Who - Is yours a girl? Standard first question... if you had to answer yes then you are definitely going to lose.  Girls were so underrepresented in 90's games.

Dream Phone - Best sleepover game ever.... until people discovered that they could actually call real life boys and talk to them and not a computer phone.  Still, I always knew I had a good catch when he wasn't at the mall...

Despite the amazing games and toys we played with, we can't ignore the total failures.  Here are a couple toys/ games that I will always and forever hate... 

perfection/bop it/ operation - stressful and timed games with loud buzzers were the WORST.  Perfection really pissed me off all the time.  Seriously what a rediculous game... or how about bop it.... I said twist it and i totally twisted it and it still ended my game.... stupid. 

mousetrap - i'm sure this would have been fun if i wasn't always missing one of the bajillion pieces necessary to set up the game.  

Well I know its not an exhastive list... so i apologize if I forgot your favorite game ever.... let me know and I can always add it.  Unless it was a stupid game like Sorry... in that case I'm not adding it because no one wants to remember a game where kids first learned cruel sarcasm"SORRY!!!" You just won don't pretend like you're sorry you a-hole.  

I feel like I need to do a follow up blog about tv shows... maybe tomorrow if i decide not to do my homework again.  If you have any good ideas let me know.... In the meantime I'm gonna go find an N64 to play with.  

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  1. Amazing. I still play my N64!!