Monday, March 21, 2011

Pa Pa Pa Paws UP!

On St. Patricks Day I went with my sister to see Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour in Omaha.   Here are a few of the videos we took of the concert.  Sorry for any shakiness.... its hard to dance, sing your lungs out, and still hold a camera straight :)

Opening of the show - lead into Dance in the Dark

Lady Gaga talks about the sweet success of her single Born This Way and makes fun of all the drunk people on St. Patricks Day.

Born This Way - Piano Only - Definitely one of my favorite parts of the concert.  If nothing else you have to respect what a great artist and singer she in this video. 

Teeth - One of my favorite Lady Gaga songs.  Wearing the famous blood soaked outfit and all...

Alejandro what else can I say but "Paws Up Little Monsters"

Paparazzi - This was another of my favorites... the whole fame monster in the background really took this one to another level of crazy.  I felt like I was at a broadway show or something.  Oh Lady Gaga.

The first Encore - Bad Romance - Amazing performance. Such a great concert.

Born This Way Dance Version - The Final Song and 2nd Encore-  I've never heard a crowd go so insane in my life.... I was also going insane with everyone else.  There was so much to capture we had to take 2 videos... enjoy.

Needless to say I had an amazing time.  Here is my sister and I getting all Gaga-ed up for St. Patty's day.

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