Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello again! Its been a busy week, and I'm glad to say that I have officially graduated from college! Whoo! Can't believe I'm completely done with school... I celebrated my Saturday morning graduation by driving home to make it to my high school sister's grad party... apparently high school graduation still trumps college :) I'm back home now awaiting news from Nike on when I'll be trekking out to Oregon for good.  So what do i do to fill my time in on these long days when I'm home alone... well I'm not really sure how i've been passing the time but its a lot of very unproductive things which is great! Today I was going through pictures on my home computer and came across my photoshop stash... I love to photoshop stuff. I make a point to use photoshop as much as possible.  So here are some of the projects I've made in the past. Some were for classes, some were by request, and some are just plain ridiculous and pointless. Anyway here they are :)

This was an ad I made for a class assignment on a GPS system called North Star

I made this because Nike is bomb and I love Hayward Field

Needed a new background last winter so I made one for the Olympics

How could I not add Lady Gaga into this? She fits so well.

One of my favorites :) I put me and my sisters on Avatar bodies

Another ad I had to make for class... got to chose the company this time

My Christmas card to my roomie haha she loved Committed almost as much as I loved the BackBeats and OTR.

My sister Kelsey and I used to play this all the time... I'd obviously be Mario and she'd be my sidekick star... out motto "Beatin Galaxies Collectin Stars" Personally I love my nose on this one

Bum Bum Bum Bum Might As Well Jump

Used a picture from vacation in California and added in some La Push folk to make it better. This was clearly one of the pointless photoshop excursions I've gone on. 

Another ad.... just gotta change that jersey now.

My all time favorite..... I think i did this before the season finale one year and I obviously spent much more time making myself a convincing Kate than i did on anyone else, but i think it looks pretty great if i do say so myself :)

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