Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About....

So its been a while since the last blog... It's been a busy few weeks as I am wrapping up the tail end of college.  Can't believe I'll never have to take another class (unless of  course grad school happens) but i'm not thinking about that anytime soon :)  I wish I could say that I've been busy studying and writing papers, but that hasn't really been the case.  There's been a fair amount of work, but most of my time has been spent distracting myself from actually working on things.  I would also guess that a large % of you reading this are in fact using my blog as a distraction from that killer final tomorrow.... I welcome and thank you for choosing me over your future :) So i'll try to keep it short, but this is a topic I thought about doing a while ago, but never got around to..... without further ado I give you

5 Things You Probably Don't (and in some cases shouldn't) Know About Me

1. I have owned more Puma shoes than any other brand of shoe in my life.  I know what your thinking.... and if this was based on recent history or current shoes than yes Nike would be the clear frontrunner and probably will be for many years to come, but over my lifetime I've had a lot of Puma shoes.  I think I still have a stash somewhere, but they've been tossed aside until Puma offers me a job.  Very comfortable shoes though!

2. The first job I ever had was in elementary school when I had a paper route.  I would get the papers every Monday and have to add all the ad inserts into them and stuff them in the plastic bags.  Then on Tuesdays I would ride my bike all around the neighborhood delivering them.  I think I made like 50 bucks a month and I thought it was THE COOLEST thing ever... until I wanted to play outside instead of delivering papers.  So it turned into my mom driving me around to the houses, but that wasn't fast enough.  So I recruited my little sisters who were like 5 and 7 years old and convinced them it was fun to run around delivering papers for me. Then they realized that it kind of sucked and stopped helping, so i quit my first job.  I was basically a real winner right from the start. Anyways, the memory and thought of having a paper route is much more attractive than actually having one, so if you were thinking about it.... don't do it, and if you too had a paper route when you were little you know that feeling when no matter how much you lick your fingers before you stuff the paper, handling that much newspaper each day just rubs your fingers raw.... I feel your pain.

3. I've never caught a fish.  This is a big regret in my life.... I realize that most people probably don't see why I care so much, but most people have probably caught at least something in their life.  I guess I attribute this to not really ever going fishing.  I remember going when I was like 5, but obviously I wasn't going to catch anything then.  Since then I have had a handful of fishing experiences with really crappy lures and little patience, but I don't think I've ever even had a bite.  The only reason I share this is in the hopes that someone reading this is an avid fisherman and will be willing to take me out to a lake and help me fulfill this lifelong dream :)

4. I can juggle and solve a rubix cube in < 2 minutes... but not at the same time.  Awesome right! Well not really.  Turns out these skills aren't high in demand unless you intend on becoming a clown or are a supernerd, its kind of lame.  However, one summer I just decided that I wanted to learn to juggle and taught myself some supafly juggling tricks.  Summers in Iowa can be kind of boring.  As far as the rubix cube goes, my friend got me one for my birthday (probably as a joke) and I got into it and learned the algorithms for it. God that sounds nerdy! Anyways, I often sit around juggling or solving the rubix cube (not really) wondering why I didn't use my time to learn something profitable like counting cards in Blackjack.  Maybe that will be next on my list.

5.  I actually think gas station coffee is just as good, and sometimes better than Starbucks coffee.  As anyone who knows me can attest to, I'm such a Starbucks snob, I buy into the whole atmosphere and go there to chat, people watch, pretend to study, and blog multiple times a week.  Its getting ridiculously expensive, and I wonder why I don't save 4 bucks and just hit up QuikTrip instead. I guess this is less of a thing you didn't know about me and more of a confession about my hipster behaviors, but I'm not gonna go back and rewrite it because I'm tired and I want to go watch Glee instead.

Anyway,  I hope you learned something completely irrelevant and random about me from this :) I'm pretty sure nobody knew all these things about me before, and I guess it'd be pretty weird/creepy if they did.  At the very least I hope I distracted you from studying or working for a few minutes :)

Stay tuned for my next blog which is going to be an attempt to get you to buy into my newest hobby... Empire Avenue.... you've been warned.

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